Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The last time I saw Ricky was at the end of October, he texted me if I wanted to go out. We met up and had some drinks and talked about what was going on in our lives. He said he was upset but was getting better and making the best of everything. He said he was going out more, staying away from the computer and trying to not let any drama filter into his life. He seemed happy and he wore a smile all night. From his previous Facebook statuses, I thought this was a good change for Ricky, because he had me kinda worried; he had been posting things so morbid I had to tell him to stop scaring everyone. When we were saying our goodbyes, I invited him to my band's gig Halloween night and he said he would come.
Halloween came and went. Ricky didn't show. A few days later I got a text from him apologizing for not showing because he had a bad week. It was all fine. I told him to feel better and to be careful. We texted back and forth for the next couple weeks. That ended last Tuesday night when I got the phone call that Ricky was no longer with us.
My heart sank.
I'm not sure how to feel about any of this...
After going through my last texts and emails with Ricky, I did find a conversation where I told him that I loved him and he told me that he loved me too. I find so much comfort in that. I suppose I'll just pretend that Ricky moved away. In the meantime, I'll miss him... until we meet again.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

SUPER iam8bit 2011

Woah! I haven't posted here in so long! Probably because I haven't created a calaca since the post below in 2007. Well, I suppose I've come out of my 4 year break and made some new calacas for the latest iam8bit show. The show is fantastic, and suggest you make your way to the gallery, check it out and buy these boxes! Originally there was going to be a forth box, but it broke when I was assembling it; it was Balloon Fight. Here are the three surviving calacas:

Gameboy/Tetris "Rompecalaveras"

Legend of Zelda "El Fuerza del Tri"

Duck Hunt "Cazar los Muertos"

Also the Fantasmas y Goblins calaca has a fancy spread in the new Super Iam8bit book, buy it!