Saturday, August 13, 2011

SUPER iam8bit 2011

Woah! I haven't posted here in so long! Probably because I haven't created a calaca since the post below in 2007. Well, I suppose I've come out of my 4 year break and made some new calacas for the latest iam8bit show. The show is fantastic, and suggest you make your way to the gallery, check it out and buy these boxes! Originally there was going to be a forth box, but it broke when I was assembling it; it was Balloon Fight. Here are the three surviving calacas:

Gameboy/Tetris "Rompecalaveras"

Legend of Zelda "El Fuerza del Tri"

Duck Hunt "Cazar los Muertos"

Also the Fantasmas y Goblins calaca has a fancy spread in the new Super Iam8bit book, buy it!